Reimagining Jewellery Heirlooms

Reimagine your heirlooms – rediscover the treasure and make it last forever

Louise Dwyer Jewellery at NGalleries

If you have pieces of jewellery that just aren’t your style, why not consider Louise Dwyer’s Bespoke Jewellery Redesign Service? Reimagining and reworking heirloom jewels into contemporary designs hand crafted with traditional methods of jewellery making, Louise works sensitively with each client to make sure that a precious piece is created from inherited or outdated treasures, taking into account your tastes, style and aesthetic.

‘It’s a real privilege to breathe new life into people’s old treasures!’ says Louise, ‘Sometimes people keep inherited jewellery locked away and unused, and with a redesign they can bring those pieces back to life, creating something that retains all the sentimental value and is wearable too.’

Customer Alice* asked Louise to work with some jewellery she had inherited from her mother. Each piece she brought had great sentimental value and there were many family stories associated with the collection too.

Says Alice, ‘You would never part with something that your mother had worn on her body – that presence is still there… however perhaps the piece is too elaborate or too small but you’d still like to wear it somehow.’

Alice loved how Louise sensitively adapted her mother’s ring, redesigning and remaking it into something that she says ‘has a timeless quality’.

Before redesigning a piece for a client, Louise enjoys meeting that person and observing what type of jewellery they wear and will have a conversation about their taste and what they’re looking for in a redesign. Her process is thoughtful, reflective and considered – she will make an initial drawing, and discuss with the client their story, translating it into her designs with more sketches and discussion before reaching a final decision.

‘I like to give the process time,’ says Louise, ‘to enjoy it and to build up a rapport with the customer. I appreciate the preciousness of what I’m working with and like to make something that will be enjoyed for many years and even lifetimes.’

For more information about Louise Dwyer @NGalleries Bespoke Jewellery Makeover Service, please contact the gallery on 07900 998242 or come and visit us.

*Name has been changed for client confidentiality.