Hoarfrosted Ivy

Lucy Saggers

Freezing fog lay in the valley around Byland Abbey throughout this December day. The ivy was outlined in a deep frost fringe, and curled into a pattern reminding me of a William Morris wallpaper. 

I’d gone to photograph Byland Abbey as I thought that by this time – around midday – the sun would be burning through the thick fog and creating atmospheric light. In fact, the fog was so dense the sun could not get through, and the temperature stayed at a maximum of around -4. The ivy growing along the wall was covered in a thick hoarfrost creating an almost abstract pattern out of this everyday plant.

Photographed using a Canon 5D Mark iii with 35mm lens.


PRICE: £185, framed, with free delivery to UK mainland

SIZE: 30.5 x 20.25cm print size, 49.5 x 39.5cm frame size

MEDIUM: Digital photograph on Innova smooth cotton 315 gsm paper

TYPE: Limited edition of 195

DESCRIPTION: Hoarfrosted grass, Byland Abbey, North Yorkshire

CREATED: 13 December 2012


Collection and Delivery

If buying in person collection can take place from where the artwork is being shown, either at Nunnington Galleries at the Barn, Nunnington, or Raithwaite Estate or the Worsley Arms. If you are purchasing through this website, once you have completed payment and secured the work, the gallery will get in touch with you to then organise delivery of your purchase to your desired address. Delivery is generally organised through recognised, trusted courier companies like UPS and the Royal Mail Parcels service.

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