Louise Dwyer Bespoke Jewellery Consultation

Louise Dwyer

Bespoke Service, re-making, re-freshing, re-purposing

A piece of jewellery – perhaps inherited or gifted – often possesses sentimental value but may not suit our style or lifestyle. Louise Dwyer has a great deal of experience in re-imagining these special pieces: taking the original, learning its story and creating a design with her customer before re-making and re-freshing into a new and wearable design. Louise is pleased to provide a personal service for a piece of jewellery that is unique and specially crafted allowing linking elements of the process with the ideas to create an individual piece of jewellery that holds its own story. This bespoke service combines the stories and characters of the people who commission the work.

If you wish to commission a piece of jewellery or re-purpose an important or significant piece of jewellery into a contemporary design, please get in touch for a FREE consultation with Louise. 

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